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I am actively seeking individuals to participate in a project photographing light, time & space.

Participants will receive one enveloped, unexposed vintage light sensitive postcard in the mail. Participants then will need to remove the postcard from its envelope (commencing its exposure) fill it out and then send the postcard back to me to be processed. Your postcard will eventually be added to a collective grid of unique postcard photographs which will cumulatively be the final work. 

There are several ideas which I am exploring in this project beyond creating photographs that function as the distance from you to me. Einstein's Theory of Relativity introduced the idea of space and time as being fundamentally connected; another truth within his theory is that time itself is experienced differently when travelling through space-time at different points. I am curious how utilizing long distances, travel, altitudes, latitudes and unforeseen variations will effect these experiential photographs as unique studies of light and time. 

Beyond the form, function and technical concept behind this project, these works are also photographs of both freedom of movement within the broader landscape and of access to human connectedness. We will be creating these photographs separately yet together and in tandem with increasingly imposing and inhumane political regulations regarding the freedom of human movement around the world. While the simple task of mailing a postcard is what is required in your individual action to participate in this specific project, the cumulation of our actions together will construct a substantial united image. 

Regardless of your ability to participate in this project, I will also ask you to consider donating to or a similar human rights campaign in your region or country. Supporting young immigrants should be a source of civic pride around the world. 

Please fill out the form below to sign up & your postcard will arrive within 2-4 weeks:

General Postcard Information:

Once you have received your postcard in the mail, it will arrive unexposed in a blacked out envelope. You can open the envelope at any point once it is received, but it will start exposing and changing once shown to UV light. It's up to you how you would like to handle the postcard, I am expecting them to be treated as regular postcards once in your possession. 

Then write me a note, send me a poem, have your child draw me a picture, tell me about the weather - do what you like on the postcard just be sure to make your mark and send it back! Make sure to also include your name, location and the date so proper records, dissection, mapping and titling of the individual works and project as a whole can be compiled once the project is completed. 

As I cannot provide international return postage from the United States, if you are participating internationally (which I hope you do!) you will be required to provide your own return postage. For postcards travelling within the United States return will be postage provided.

Return your postcard to: 

Moira McDonald

P.O. Box 1221 

Occidental, CA 95465


There are a lot of technical unknowns as to how this project will come together; with your help I get to look forward to seeing the final result! Thank you in advance for your time, support and participation!


Cheers, Moira

Thank you for participating! You will receive your enveloped postcard in the mail shortly. Cheers, Moira

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